Bourbon Drinking Must-Haves

Are you a big fan of bourbon? Do you love enjoying bourbon in any way possible? Or are you a newcomer to the world of bourbon drinking, just looking for a way to branch out and explore the possibilities with this popular classic alcoholic beverage? Wherever you fall on the bourbon scale, chances are good you’ll want to upgrade your experience a little bit by stocking up on must-have accessories and items for bourbon drinking enjoyment. Drinking bourbon is a process and an experience, and it’s important to make sure you have the right products on hand to improve that experience as much as possible. You may soon find this is one of your favorite ways to unwind and enjoy yourself, so read on to learn about our top picks for bourbon drinking must-haves.

Bourbon Fermented Cigars
Not everyone who enjoys whiskey and bourbon enjoy cigars—but this is a traditional, classic combination that many still do partake in regularly. If you or someone you know enjoys a cigar with a glass of bourbon now and then, why not try bourbon fermented cigars? These cigars are wrapped in leaves which are fermented first in bourbon, giving the cigar a unique and rich flavor and aroma as well.

There are also other variations on the market that are misted or coated in bourbon, instead; these cigars may not have quite the depth of flavor as the fermented ones, but may also be a little more affordable and easier to find if you’re looking for a similar experience without having to break the bank to accomplish it.

Bourbon Barrel Coffee
Almost everything is aged in bourbon barrels these days, and coffee is no exception. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a bourbon lover, why not consider bourbon barrel aged coffee? This type of coffee has a rich and intense flavor and aroma of bourbon throughout every sip, and it’s sure to be a coffee you won’t soon forget, either. This is a specialty type of coffee that may be difficult to find, but many bourbon distilleries offer a few types of coffee or allow coffee roasters to use their barrels when they’re finished. You may need to order this item online, however, as it’s often not found in stores.

Bourbon Truffles
Those who have a sweet tooth may enjoy a set of bourbon truffles to go with their favorite drink. Like rum balls before them, this type of sweet treat is made with bourbon as one of the main ingredients. You can easily taste the bourbon throughout this chocolate classic, and the candy coating on the outside of the truffle helps balance out the taste of the bourbon on the inside. This is the perfect gift for giving at the holiday season, and it pairs especially well with a bottle of bourbon or with one or more other items from our list if you’re looking for a gift basket set for someone special in your life.

Custom or Unique Bourbon Glasses
There are dozens of different styles of bourbon and whiskey glasses out there on the market. Generally speaking, those who enjoy drinking whiskey probably already have their own whiskey shot glasses. However, you can always find unique shapes or custom styles if you’re looking for an item to give as a gift—or to spice up your own cabinet, instead. Some of these include Mason jar style glasses that are perfect for serving Kentucky bourbon on a hot summer’s day, or the more modern and sophisticated Glencairn whiskey glass, which features rounded edges and a stylish tapered look.

Ice Ball Tray
If you’ve ordered whiskey or bourbon at a bar in the past few years, chances are good you’ve probably seen round ice balls in your drinks. These are often made with ice ball trays, which are the perfect gift for those who enjoy whiskey or bourbon on the rocks at home. These ice balls don’t melt as quickly as ice cubes, so they don’t make your whiskey as watery as an ice cube would. They also look especially stylish when sitting in your favorite whiskey glass, and can make the presentation of your cocktail or drink that much more impressive, too.

Whiskey Stones
Like the ice ball, whiskey stones are another great way to keep your drink cold throughout every sip without worrying about the ice melting as you go. You’ll be able to enjoy your whiskey or bourbon with no wateriness in sight when you use whiskey stones. Simply keep these stones in the freezer, and when you’re ready, drop them into your whiskey to keep the drink chilled throughout. They can be washed—usually by hand, but sometimes in the dishwasher—and are easy to store and take care of between drinks, too.

Whiskey Cocktail Book
Finally, don’t forget to gift yourself or your friends a whiskey or bourbon cocktail book. These types of books are handy when you’re looking for fresh, new ways to enjoy your favorite liquor. Drinking whiskey and bourbon on the rocks is, of course, one of the most ideal ways to enjoy these drinks, but it’s not the only option by any means. When you’ve got a cocktail recipe book on hand, you’ll be able to reference it and find some new concepts for cocktails you may have never considered before. You might even find something you’ll want to try again and again, or something you’ll enjoy serving to your friends and party guests in the future, too.

Were you able to find something you can’t live without for your bourbon drinking experience? These items may not be required for most bourbon drinks, but they can go a long way toward making your bourbon more enjoyable than ever before. Whether you’ll be serving cocktails to guests or you just want to find the perfect way to relax with a glass of your favorite liquor after a hard week’s work, try one or more of the items listed above to help you every step of the way.

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