Bird Dog Bourbon

It’s no secret that bourbon is one of the most popular sipping liquors out there, and it’s becoming more and more popular for use in cocktails, too. But if you’ve never tried bourbon before, or if you’ve only sampled it a few times and haven’t ventured too far outside the most popular brand names, you might be looking for a way to delve deeper into the world of bourbon drinking. In this article, we’ll introduce you to Bird Dog bourbon and everything this product line has to offer. You’ll find out the history of the brand as well as some of the best items from their liquor catalog, too. By learning this information, you’ll be better able to decide whether or not this type of bourbon is a good fit for you, your tastes, and your needs too. You can also discover types of Bird Dog bourbon that will suit sipping versus those that are better for mixing, so you can always choose the right one.

History of the Brand
Bird Dog came about to help fill a void in the world of bourbons and whiskeys and first began with its line of flavored whiskey in 2009. Because the original release of flavored Bird Dog was so popular and sold so well, the company was inspired to start making other flavors and eventually to branch out into regular, unflavored bourbon whiskey as well.

The brand still focuses heavily on the creation and distribution of flavored bourbon whiskey, but is always open to new ideas and looking for ways to expand its horizons, too. Because of this, there are new products added to the lineup every so often, and the label continues to surprise and delight old fans as well as newcomers to the world of bourbon, too.

All of the liquor from Bird Dog is bottled in Bowling Green, Kentucky, which means it qualifies for the “Kentucky bourbon” label. It is distributed worldwide but remains the most popular in the United States, where it has inspired more flavored whiskey and bourbon to join the ranks, too.

These whiskies are all accessible and enjoyable on their own or as mix-ins for cocktails. Because the price point is reasonable across the board with this brand name, the Bird Dog label continues to be a popular choice for all sorts of bourbon fans no matter what they are looking for.

Product Recommendations
Any of the products from the Bird Dog line are sure to please, but if you’re looking for some specific recommendations, we’ve got you covered. Check out these particular products to help you get started, and see for yourself what makes this label such a popular newer player in the bourbon market.

Bird Dog Hot Cinnamon Whiskey – $$
o One of the newer flavors from the Bird Dog label is its Hot Cinnamon Whiskey. This whiskey features a somewhat red and rusty color and is infused with the flavors of spicy cinnamon in every sip. It features a hot and intense taste and aroma that may be overwhelming to some; however, it works beautifully in many cocktails, especially during the holiday season. Some fans of spicy liquor enjoy sipping this bourbon on the rocks, as well. There are many ways to enjoy it, and there’s no wrong way to drink it. Thanks to its affordability and quality, you can try this cinnamon whiskey in whichever way you choose.

Bird Dog Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey – $$$
o If you’re looking for a small batch bourbon with plenty of attention to detail, consider Bird Dog Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey. This golden honey-colored bourbon comes in an aesthetically pleasing bottle and makes a great gift, but it’s also a nice addition to your own liquor shelf, too. The taste is strong and bold but very sweet, with a raisin and honey flavor on the front backed by caramel at the finish. This is a smooth, warm bourbon that many newcomers enjoy because of its sweet taste and how easy it is to sip and savor.

Bird Dog Blackberry Whiskey – $$
o This is the one that started it all! Bird Dog began specifically distilling, distributing and selling its Blackberry Whiskey before branching out to other flavors and styles. For this reason, the brand knows what it’s doing when it comes to this type of whiskey. Anyone looking to try flavored bourbon whiskey for the first time should consider sampling this delicious option. Try it as-is first—no ice and no mix-ins—but don’t be afraid to incorporate it into some unique cocktails once you’ve gotten to know it, too.

Bird Dog 10 Year Old Bourbon Whiskey – $$$
o Bird Dog has been a label for ten years, and as a way to celebrate this important milestone, the brand now offers a 10 Year Old Bourbon Whiskey. This golden amber bourbon is dark and robust in color with a deep and rich flavor. It features a vanilla and oak taste on the forefront with white pepper and general sweet notes throughout. This is a strong and powerful bourbon that’s best for sipping carefully and slowly, letting yourself have time to savor the complexity of the profile. As an added bonus, this bottle is also stylish and makes a great gift.

When you’re looking for a bourbon that can help introduce you to this classic liquor, Bird Dog is an excellent option. On the other hand, if you’re searching for a bourbon that will delight you even after you’ve sampled many other varieties and styles across several brands and labels, you may want to give Bird Dog a try, too. This bourbon label offers a little something for everyone, and it’s sure to please when you try one of the products from this line. These bourbons are great for sipping as well as for mixing into cocktails, and you’re sure to find one to use for almost any purpose.

Take your time checking out Bird Dog’s bourbon label and find the perfect fit for your tastes.

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