Wild Turkey Bourbon

Wild Turkey is one of the most popular, well-known, and widely recognized bourbon brand labels worldwide. But what makes Wild Turkey so popular? Is there something about this brand that makes it stand out among the others? Why do people tend to reach for it so often when choosing a bourbon? Whether you’re new to the world of enjoying bourbon or you’re an old pro with lots of experience with this liquor, you may find yourself wondering all this and much more. In this article, we’ll teach you the basics about Wild Turkey bourbon and help you learn more about their extensive product line as well.

History of the Brand
Unlike some of the other popular bourbon labels currently on the market, Wild Turkey goes back a long way. The label can be traced to Thomas Ripy, who started a distillery in 1891 in Kentucky. The distillery was shut down during Prohibition, but afterward, Ripy’s family began producing the bourbon once again. In 1940, Thomas McCarthy brought the bourbon along on a turkey hunting trip with friends, and the name Wild Turkey stuck from there on out. Two years later, with the help of McCarthy, the bourbon was bottled and distributed under the label Wild Turkey.

The Wild Turkey label was bought and sold a few more times, first to the Goulds and then to Pernod Ricard, before finally being purchased by the Campari Group in 2009. Campari still owns and operates Wild Turkey today.

Although Wild Turkey first began in Kentucky, it was bottled for some time in Indiana and Arkansas. This was because of a massive fire that destroyed much of the Wild Turkey property in Kentucky in 2000. Today, however, the bottling and distillation processes both occur in Kentucky once again, and therefore, the bourbon can be labeled as Kentucky Bourbon.

Wild Turkey continues to be a popular choice for those who are just getting started with bourbon as well as those who have been drinking it for some time already.

Product Recommendations
There are several products available under the Wild Turkey label, and the brand continues to add more fairly regularly. If you’re not sure where to get started and you’d like some recommendations, check out our list of top picks from Wild Turkey below to help you find the one you’re sure to like the most.

Wild Turkey Honey Liqueur – $$
o Get started touring the tastes of Wild Turkey with their Honey Liqueur. Featuring a golden color and an elegant bottle, this bourbon is sweet and honey-flavored throughout. It includes tastes of orange, caramel, and spice, with just a hint of that charred oak flavor that bourbon is so well-known for. Anyone looking to develop a taste for bourbon can ease into the drink with this product. Sip it, serve it on the rocks, or mix it into cocktails—it’s a versatile drink.

Wild Turkey Rye Whiskey – $$
o If you’re looking for an approachable liquor to help introduce you to the world of rye, Wild Turkey Rye Whiskey is the way to go. This is an affordable rye whiskey blend that’s made from four-year-old and five-year-old whiskies combined. The aging process is natural for this liquor; therefore, the product has a strong and bold flavor not unlike rye whiskies made by generations past. You can sip and enjoy this drink as-is or try mixing it into cocktails, but be careful how you use it, as it is quite strong and can be overpowering in taste.

Wild Turkey Small Batch Longbranch Bourbon – $$$
o Wild Turkey Small Batch Longbranch Bourbon features unique flavors that are carefully controlled by the production of the drink in smaller, more manageable batches. The end result is a honey-gold drink in a stylish bottle with a powerful taste. The bourbon is aged for eight years and features charcoal and mesquite smoky flavors with spice, vanilla, and caramel as well. It is finished with notes of citrus, butter, pear and pepper for a truly original profile you’ll have to taste to believe. Try sipping this one rather than mixing it, and you’re sure to be happy with the results.

Wild Turkey Decades Kentucky Straight Bourbon – $$$$$
o If you’re looking for something very upscale and sophisticated from the Wild Turkey label, consider the Decades Kentucky Straight Bourbon. This high-end bourbon comes in a classy clear glass bottle with an embossed turkey on the front and shows off the deep amber-brown of the liquor in a stunning display. This drink features a strong and bold bourbon flavor throughout with lighter and sweeter notes here and there to help balance it as you sip. The bourbon has been aged from ten to twenty years and should only be sipped, never mixed.

So what do you think? Are you ready to head to the local liquor store or order your next bottle of Wild Turkey bourbon online? As you can see, there are plenty of great reasons to try this label if you’re thinking of getting started drinking bourbon. This is an especially accessible type of bourbon for newcomers, but those who have been sipping this liquor for a long time can also enjoy and appreciate the experience of relaxing with Wild Turkey, too.

Overall, this label is a good choice for just about anyone who is looking for bourbon. And as an added bonus, since it’s so well-known and approved by so many bourbon drinkers, it makes an excellent gift for those whose tastes you may not know specifically, too. With several varieties to choose from, you never have to feel limited when you want to enjoy a liquor under the Wild Turkey label. You might even discover something new you’ll want to sip again and again!

Bring home a bottle of Wild Turkey bourbon for yourself, give one as a gift, or save it for a party or get-together. No matter how you choose to serve and enjoy your bourbon, you’ll see for yourself why it continues to be a crowd pleaser!

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