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Vdka 6100 - Vodka 750ml

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VDKA 6100 is a passion – a passion we love sharing with fellow vodka purists. We make VDKA 6100 in Reporoa, near Lake Taupo on the North Island of New Zealand, using fresh seasonal whey that we source from the Bay of Plenty Region. Our whey is fermented using a rare strain of yeast that we imported from Ireland over 30 years ago and have been hand cultivating in Reporoa ever since.

The purity of the ingredients means we only need to distil VDKA 6100 a few times; ensuring that the character is retained. We filter through carbon ‘rockets’ and then blend with extraordinary, locally-sourced natural New Zealand spring water. The result is a truly distinctive, elegant, luxurious vodka. VDKA 6100 is gluten-free, sugar-free, lactose-free, and free from chemical additives. It has been tested against the best, and it’s one of the purest vodkas on earth.

None of this should come as a surprise because New Zealand is one of the purest places on earth. Miles and miles from anywhere, out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, it is truly a land that pollution (and attitude) has yet to discover. It’s a quiet part of the world, New Zealand. Truth be told we’d rather keep it that way; but this vodka is too good to keep to ourselves. Vodka is often described as a colorless, odorless, and flavorless alcohol…. not VDKA 6100. The unconventional composition makes our vodka smooth in the mouth with a taste that hints at citrus and white pepper. VDKA 6100 also has extremely low levels of methanol (the nasty compound that makes bad vodkas ‘burn’ your throat) creating unrivaled smoothness.

Daring choices were made creating it. A discerning choice is now yours to enjoy. VDKA 6100. The Drink of Choice.

Is there a story behind how we chose the name VDKA 6100. . . Of course. It was chosen for a very specific reason. ‘6100’ pays homage to the distance between the source of the vodka and the birthplace of the brand. The distance between the territorial waters of New Zealand, from which the product is sourced, to those of the United States, where the brand was born, is 6100 miles. And we just liked the sound of VDKA!

We chose to house VDKA 6100 in a beautiful reverse-tapered, proud shouldered glass bottle made using the clearest glass available today. It’s wrapped in an off-white heat set textural decal label, sealed with an Italian synthetic cork closure, and finished with a Spanish foil seal. These are all specific choices; made because each element is the finest available. In designing the bottle we worked closely with leading bar managers from the United States and Australia and incorporated their feedback in the finished product.

The result is a beautiful bottle that truly stands out in the vodka category and emphasizes VKDA 6100’s place as an unconventional ultra-premium vodka. Our design and marketing team … love it! The master distillers who have to make it and fill it … not so much!

VDKA 6100 is the result of a carefully chosen team working in collaboration. The story starts with us, Artisan Spirit Merchants (ASM), an Australian owned boutique spirits company, who uncovered this extraordinary source of vodka in New Zealand. We assembled a team that included master blenders from Lion Co. in New Zealand; packaging designers in the United States and France (including Joe Doucet from New York), and international mixologist Aisha Sharpe.

Robert De Niro also helped us with the design, packaging, branding and positioning of VDKA 6100. The result of our pursuit is a global vodka brand for those with discerning tastes and sophisticated choices.

We made bold choices when we designed VDKA 6100: A whey base, New Zealand origin, natural spring water, a large decal label, no frosting, and a uniquely shaped bottle. Brave choices that depart from category conventions. The result is an outstanding vodka and a brand that is a contemporary expression of luxury. Now you decide.

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