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The Glen Deveron / MacDuff distillery was founded in 1962. However the first spirit actually flowed from their stills on 30 June 1960. One of the youngest distilleries in Scotland and seems to have changed its name more often than most other, much older distilleries. They kept changing the official name from Glen Deveron to MacDuff and back again. As far as the confusion about the name is concerned, the distillery itself was called Macduff (probably after the Duff family who owned the site before the Macduff distillery was founded) and bottlings were originally released under that label. Located on the far Eastern edge of Speyside, but according to their own labels it's a Highland single malt and is also an important part of Bacardi's William Lawson's blended whisky.  The combination of two wash stills and three spirit stills is highly unusual in Scotland with the only other distillery with such a set-up is the Talisker distillery on the Isle of Skye.

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