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Built in 1958, Tormore was one of the first new distilleries to appear during the post-World War II Scotch boom. Tormore Distillery was designed by Sir Albert Richardson, the renowned architect - Sir Richardson was one of the leading architects of his time in Britain.

The beauty and uniqueness of Tormore’s architectural design was recognized in 1986, when the distillery was granted listed building status, despite being less than 30 years old. Tormore Distillery is also home to some architectural quirks, in particular, a clock that plays four different Scottish songs every quarter of an hour.

Despite the amazing architecture, official bottlings have been few and far between -we have largely had to rely on independent bottlers to sample the spirit. Tormore has recently changed hands having been bought by Elixir Distillers; it will be very interesting to see what exciting new official bottlings come forth in the future.

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