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The Glenlivet Distillery is located in the Speyside region of Scotland. It is one of the most prestigious and oldest distilleries in the country. The distillery was officially founded in 1824 by George Smith, but can trace its roots back to illicit whisky production in the early 19th century.

George Smith was a key figure in the transition from illicit distillation to legal whisky production, obtaining the first license to legally distill whisky in the parish of Glenlivet. It is claimed that he carried two pistols at all times to protect himself from the local competition, who continued to operate illegally.

The distillery quickly gained a prestigious reputation, to the extent that the name Glenlivet became synonymous with the high quality whisky. Other distilleries in the region adopted the name, leading to many legal battles and controversies.

Today, The Glenlivet Distillery produces approximately 6 million bottles of single malt whisky each year. It is the best-selling single malt in America, which accounts for approximately half of the distillery’s output.

The Glenlivet distillery produces a light and floral style of single malt whisky, which is characteristic of many Speyside whiskies. Maturation predominantly takes place in American ex-Bourbon casks, imparting a smooth texture, and a sweet and fruity flavour profile.

The distillery has an excellent visitor center that welcomes whisky enthusiasts from around the world. You can also book accommodation at the original home of George Smith and his family.

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