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Bowmore - Single Cask #5675 1966 50 year old Whisky

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An exceptional expression, Bowmore 1966 vintage celebrates a unique year in Bowmore distilleries heritage. 1966 was the first year Bowmore’s distilleries “Islay Single Malt” was first bottled. Previous to this all Bowmore malt whisky was sold as “fillings” or filled casks. 1966 was also the year that the now legendary distillery manager Eddie Macaffer joined the Bowmore team. He would go on to enjoy a 50 year tenure of dedicated craftmanship, retiring in 2016. Reviewed by Dave Broom on ScotchWhisky. com 94 points Nose: Amazing concentration of fruit. So ludicrous, in fact, that you have to laugh. There’s mango, guava, papaya, lots of kiwi, a hint of rose, some ripe peach, then banana and fragrant quince. Compressed, sweet and explosive. It seems to be whisky, but actually occupies a different space in the world of pure aroma. If the 26-year-old was all about crepuscular, smoke-filled mysteries, this is about sunlight and brightness. It’s open, with a lack of guile or contrivance. It just is what it is. As it develops, there’s this tiny touch of salinity and a mild indication of fade. The bleached oak also begins to nudge its way in on the sides, while the fruits pick up a little more brightness, become more yellow, sharp. Just amazing. Palate: A burst of fruits, but what else were you expecting? It’s almost Cognac-like, but without the headiness; this is fruits reduced to an essence, but not caramelised or in any way losing their individual identities. That acidity seen on the developed nose is here as well, while there’s a slight sour green mango edge that’s needed to add balance and an extra layer of complexity, as well as an anise note. Finish: Fades, leaving flavours of caraway and apple shrub.

ABV: 41.5%
Distillery: Bowmore
Vintage: 1966
Region: -
Size: 70 cl
Availability: In Stock
Distributed by: HT
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